Maternal Fetal Transmission of Lyme Disease - An Ignored Gut Wrenching Pandemic Inflicting Families Globally

Maternal fetal transmission of Lyme disease is a very serious, life-threatening and  ignored pandemic affecting millions of families across the globe. Many mothers have miscarriages, stillbirths or babies with birth defects, disabilities or SIDS. Most mothers are unaware during pregnancy that they have chronic neuro-immune Lyme disease. A majority are mis- or undiagnosed due to scientific research fraud that was to make neuro-immune Lyme undetectable and out of sight.

Mothers progressively continue to get worse with a sick baby and Pediatricians dismiss it or mock and ridicule them. Parents begin to question everything and step outside the mainstream with their own in depth research - some eventually start connecting the dots where many may never know the truth or get a diagnosis. As both parent and child are forced into silence; a parent’s quest for answers never ends. It's a deep soul pain no parent should have to bear - but many are thrown into this haunting reality. Families are displaced into the dark shadows of pure desperation to save their sick child.

There's no help for these children anywhere except Lyme literate Medical Dr.'s (LLMD'S) through International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) who are far in between and charge enormous amounts, don't accept insurance and treatment cost is out-of-pocket. This is because chronic neuro-immune Lyme doesn't exist per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) research fraud.

Many children end up undergoing preventable surgeries, harmful psychiatric treatment, poly-drugged on pharmaceuticals or some even institutionalized. As a parent, mentioning chronic Lyme disease or congenital Lyme to the medical establishment or school can result in serious consequences - a Munchausen diagnosis and even medical kidnapping. Children are robbed of their childhoods as they can't do what "normal" kids do. They can't keep up physically, mentally or cognitively and secretly struggle with even basic tasks. They don't even realize they are sick because it's all they know - becoming its own confusing battle in itself.

The suicide rate is very high among adults with neuro-immune Lyme because they can no longer deal with the pain and symptoms. These poor children are suffering immensely and they can't tell you what's wrong or hurting as they don't even know or understand it themselves. To other people they appear to have a behavioral disorder when all they are trying to do is cope with the pain or symptoms the best they know how. These children are warriors. we had found a spirochete capable of spreading transplacentally to the organs of the fetus, causing congenital heart disease and possible death of the infant.” (1)

"It is clear that Bb [Lyme] can be transmitted in the blood of infected pregnant women across the placenta into the fetus with resultant congenital infections and fetal demise.  Spirochetes can be recovered or seen in the infants tissues including the brain, spleen and kidney." (2)

‘We now demonstrate B Burgdorferi in the brain and liver of a newborn whose mother had been treated with oral penicillin during the first trimester of pregnancy.’ (3)

‘It is known that transplacental transmission of the spirochete from mother to fetus is possible.  Many studies have associated gestational LD with fetal death, hydrocephalus, cardiovascular anomalies, neonatal respiratory distress, hyperbilirubinemia, intrauterine growth retardation, cortical blindness, sudden infant death syndrome and maternal  toxemia of pregnancy.’ (4)

I passed Lyme to my child in the womb. As a toddler, my son would cope with the chronic brain inflammation by getting down on the ground, screaming and crying and banging his head off the ground - preferably concrete or asphalt where he'd often have to be restrained. Other times he would spin in circles, confused and unresponsive from neurological symptoms and pain. You don't know what's hurting, you don't know what's bothering them. All you know is something is VERY VERY wrong, they can't tell you and nobody is going to help you. You do your best to comfort them but at times they can't even bear being touched, held or talked to without a meltdown.

Try explaining this to a Pediatrician - it's not happening without risking serious consequences. Even family members will bash you and blame your "parenting skills" - having neuro-immune Lyme always resorts to victim blaming. They struggle in school, that is if they are well enough to actually attend school. They just simply cannot live a life without struggling.

How is a parent supposed to help a child living in a world where a disease was deliberately made not to exist - where they are slandered, libeled, neglected and fear of Munchausen Syndrome or medical kidnapping? There's not a day that passes where parents don't fear the future that awaits them.

Right now they are set up for epic failure - they can't get a positive Lyme test, diagnosis or proper treatment. Their basic human rights are stripped away from them and nor will be able to get disability or any sort of help in the future for a disease deliberately made not to exist. Half go on to remain disabled for life even with treatment early on in the disease due to pathological changes that occur prior to treatment (5) and many will relapse at any given time.

The Lyme disease case definition and testing was maliciously changed in 1994 at a conference in Dearborn, Michigan, headed by CDC's Barbara Johnson, Alan Barbour and Allen Steere to make the LYMErix vaccine look safe and effective, knowing it was causing the very same disease it was “intended” to prevent - chronic neuro-immune Lyme. These same criminals involved in the “Dearborn” fraud own patents on vaccines and test kits. In one of their patents they state that you cannot tell the difference between a vaccine injured victim and a late neurologic Lyme victim (6).

The CDC denies the very existence of chronic Lyme whereas ILADS focuses on a persistent bacterial infection while nobody is addressing the real disease mechanism. If the vaccine caused the same disease without spirochetes then what is the disease?

Spirochetes travel to the lymph nodes, bone marrow and brain within the first week of infection (7) causing permanent immunosuppression  (8,9,10,11,12) with chronic inflammation is in the brain (13), B-cell germinal centers collapse and prevent B-cells from properly maturing and OspA alone keeps the B cell precursors in an immature state (14,15) it looks like Pseudolymphoma and leukemia with EBV-transformed immune cells (16) leading to "The Great Neuro-Degenerative Imitator".

Spirochetes are their own phylum that shed fungal antigens known as outer surface protein A (OspA) - the antigen also used in the LYMErix vaccine (17). OspA is managed by toll-like receptors 2/1 (TLR2/1). TLRs play a critical role in the early immune response by recognizing and defending against invading pathogens. TLR2/1 manages mycobacteria, OspA and other fungal endotoxins (18,19).

Fungal endotoxins shut down the immune system to avoid a septic cytokine storm resulting in a wrecked immune system and tolerance and cross tolerance to other TLR's (20,21,22) to no longer detect or fight this or other parasitic, viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. A non-HIV AIDS illness where all secondary infections are doing the damage from HHV-6, Epstein-barr, Cytomegalovirus, Zoster, Candida, Coxsackievirus, Mycoplasma, Babesiosis, PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections), etc.

Neuro-immune Lyme victims produce no to little antibodies - at Dearborn they changed testing to a high antibody concentration to omit the sickest patients from a positive test and a diagnosis. The whole purpose of “Dearborn” was to qualify a vaccine that was causing neuro-immune Lyme for an intended future monopoly. The current CDC definition says you can only have Lyme if you have high antibodies and arthritic Lyme with no other symptoms - in other words if you are not sick.

All this may sound harsh but it's the brutal honest truth of what our children are born into, faced with head on and what their future awaits. It's been 25 years since “Dearborn” and our government and health agencies have swept it under the rug and nobody has taken a stand for the truth.

These children need each and every one of our voices. It's time for humanity to step up and be their voice. Many fellow activists themselves are mothers or fathers of sick or deceased children. We must stop at nothing and expose the truth to the world until Lyme is recognized as the debilitating disease it really is. Millions more will become infected, including innocent children. It's time to unite and Occupy the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) for the children. This is AIDS 2.0. This is Medical Genocide on our children.


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