AIDS 2.0 - Chronic Lyme Disease

We've been lied to and deceived by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) about Lyme disease for decades. Before we got sick or figured out that this mysterious or mis/un-diagnosed illness we had been suffering from all along was Lyme, we were completely ignorant to the cover up, controversy and heinous crimes surrounding it. During our Lyme journey we start waking up to the real world and the illusions surrounding us. At first we may be in shock as the veil begins to crumble around the entire system and how corrupted and backwards the entire medical industry truly is. 

Chronic Lyme disease is a global pandemic spreading like wildfire that has been denied and covered up for the past 25 years by the government, medical establishment and the CDC leaving millions of sufferers in a dark abyss. What are they hiding and why? Do we really know the truth? It's not what most people think. 

The CDC and IDSA says Lyme can only cause an acute bacteriological Borrelia Burgdorferi infection whereas the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) says it's a chronic infection - it is far much worse. Saying it's just an acute or chronic infection is like saying saying you got a mosquito bite when you got viciously mangled by a ferocious mountain lion. What the CDC calls post-Lyme syndrome is actually post-sepsis syndrome or a non-HIV B-cell AIDS illness. 

Nobody is denying it's an infection, however you have to first understand that Borrelia Spirochetes are NOT regular bacteria, they are their own phylum. Pathologically Borrelia spirochetes are considered parasitic. They shed exosomes or blebs containing outer surface protein A (OspA) or Pam3cys, a triacylated lipoprotein that's managed by TLR2/1 (toll-like receptors). TLR2-agonists are fungal endotoxins that are much more toxic and stealth as compared to most typical bacteria which are TLR4 agonists, lipopolysaccharides. OspA is a very highly toxic fungal antigen. 

Once infected, the immune system eats up this highly toxic fungal waste primarily in the lymph nodes and it goes to the brain. The immune system shuts down to dodge a septic cytokine storm creating the perfect Hellstorm and domino effect of permanent immunosuppression, mutated B-cells, chronic brain inflammation and organ and tissue damage. Latent viruses reactivate (Epstein-Barr, Herpesviruses, Cytomegalovirus, etc.) and secondary fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections of all kinds take over the show as your immune system can no longer recognize other pathogens. Think of the spirochetes as just the "carriers" of this immunosuppressive neurologic massacre, it's what happens afterwards from immune hijacking fungal lipoproteins resulting in permanently wrecked and tolerized immune system. You're very sick on a cellular level affecting every organ system. 

⬇ Lyme IS Immunosuppression

It is the perfect stealth pathogen that produces no to little antibodies - which is the reason why nearly all chronic Lyme victims can't get a CDC positive test because it only picks up a high antibody concentration. You do not need spirochetes to suffer from Chronic Lyme, you need OspA via tick or vaccine. 

Gary Wormser, The magnitude of immunosuppression is directly related to the amount of OspA injected.

Lyme disease is "The Great Imitator" mimicking nearly 350 diseases ALS, multiple sclerosis, lupus, stroke, dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, mitochondria dysfunction, ADHD, depression, bipolar, crohn's, colitis, schizophrenia, irritable bowel syndrome, OCD, raynaud's, interstitial cystitis, thyroid disorders, carditis, POTS, etc.

Bacterial lipoproteins can disseminate from the periphery to inflame the brain.
Reactivation of multiple viruses in patients with sepsis
Allen Steere, CHRONIC neurologic manifestations of Lyme 
Two controlled trials of antibiotic treatment in patients with persistent symptoms and a history of Lyme disease

But ... we continue to ignore the truth. You can try to kill the spirochetes all you want with long-term antibiotics, it doesn't change that your immune system was hijacked resulting in permanent immunosuppression causing nearly every disease known to man. If it was about a acute or chronic  infection, why do very few people respond to longterm antibiotics? Why do half remain disabled for life? And certainly why did the CDC deliberately change the diagnostic standards in 1994 Dearborn Michigan to exclude only and all neurologic Lyme from the diagnostics? Profit and greed. 

Two disease outcomes, arthritic Lyme OR
⬇ chronic neurologic immunosuppression

Gary Wormser, Your going to get either the Lyme arthritis or neurological immunosuppression Lyme. The Toll of a TLR1 polymorphism in Lyme disease: A tale of mice and men
Allen Steere, you can either have arthritic Lyme or chronic neurological immunosuppression. Association of a Toll-like receptor 1 polymorphism with heightened Th1 inflammatory responses and antibiotic-refractory Lyme arthritis

OspA was in the antigen used in the LymeRix vaccine. It caused the same disease as chronic Lyme. The CDC has published studies proving that you cannot tell the difference between a vaccine failure victim vs a chronic neurologic Lyme victim. They are both the same disease. The vaccine victims were neurologicaly injured and immune suppressed. The LymeRix vaccine did not contain spirochetes. The CDC knows what the real disease is and the reasoning behind why they manipulated the testing in 1994 to throw out all neurologic cases of OspA or Lyme. The sickest most disabled patients on the planet were thrown under the bus because the vaccine caused the same disease. 

Tick bite or vaccine = same disease outcome
Neuropathy and cognitive impairment following vaccination with the OspA protein of Borrelia burgdorferi
The LymeRIX adverse events are very similar to the actual "protean" (multi-system) disease manifestations.
Neurological complications of vaccination with outer surface protein A (OspA)

The CDC changed the definition to erase the very existence of chronic Lyme disease and manipulated the test by adding a two tiered high antibody Elisa test and removed the most prominent antigens specific to Lyme disease - OspA and OspB (bands 31,34).  The current testing can only detect 15% of all cases, those who have an HLA-linked hypersensitivity where their only symptoms are arthritis. Whereas the other 85% who are very sick end up with an acquired immune deficiency that produce little to no antibodies cannot get a positive test. This is the Dearborn standard, to throw away ALL immunosuppressed victims and send them away as psychiatric patients. By keeping the old and accurate testing, it would reveal the injuries via the LymeRix vaccine. It was all done to pass off a fake vaccine. 

This is a patent for the borrelia burgdorferi vaccine and test kit candidates. The patent was created the SAME year they changed the Lyme diagnostics and decided to say there's no such thing as chronic Lyme disease. In the patent it's showing there's two disease outcomes. Chronic neurologic Lyme and arthritis only Lyme.

The CDC authors own patents on fraudulent test kits and vaccines. They profit off of the disease and your barbaric suffering while telling you you're just crazy, go see a psychiatrist.  The fake non-profits such as the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) are CDC and ISDA members used to help preserving the falsification of chronic Lyme and testing. They've kept this going for 25 years, imagine the amount of deaths on their hands. 

Do we want validation, accurate testing, treatment and insurance coverage? How do we ever expect to get any of that if chronic Lyme disease doesn't even exist in modern medicine? What are we even asking for? Treatment, validation and insurance coverage for your non-existent disease? This is how they can label us psychiatric patients, strip us of our dignity and basic human rights, gaslight and slander us, deny us disability benefits and ruin our lives even more on top of being deathly sick. 

Unless we get the Dearborn standard falsified testing and case definition prosecuted, NOTHING will change for us. We must make our disease exist under a diagnostic panel. How? By proving the crimes committed by the CDC officers and their racketeering partnersThey know exactly what the disease really is and just how sick Lyme victims really are.  We have to prove they know. They deliberately threw us under the bus for profit and to cover their asses and profit from the LymeRix vaccine scandal as the victims are medically abused, slandered, humiliated, shunned and gaslit by those same criminals. We are letting them get away with genocide and murder.

By proving the disease outcome and showing the crimes surrounding it.... THIS is what validates your illness and explains how sick you really are. You are VERY sick on a cellular level and suffering inhumanely. So prove it. We fight like hell through this disease, we can stand together as warriors and fight like hell for what's right or ignore and go back to another 25 years watching Lymies die, commit suicide, children born into a lifetime of suffering, just continue suffering and continuing our yearly Lyme disease awareness ritual every May by changing our profile pictures to green and spreading pretty Lyme awareness meme's. It's time to stand up to the crimes responsible for ripping our lives apart and infecting our children congenitally. It's time to demand justice. 

Lyme is a global pandemic. Two million people get infected every year and half remain disabled for life. This year alone one million will eventually become permanently disabled, including children. This should be enough to get anyone angry enough to stand up. It's been 25 years since the CDC committed fraud to leave us to suffer and die. 25 years more years will pass and nothing will change, no validation, no treatment or proper testing until we expose the crime. How many more have to become disabled, suffer, die, commit suicide before we RISE UP TOGETHER AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It's time to put an end to all of it. Rise up as warriors. 

~ Prove the crime to prove the disease ~

~ Kelly Irene ~

Lyme Cryme Documentary 


  1. You're amazing! This brilliantly written, thank you!

  2. Hey, your writing is eye opening. Given your perspective on lyme aka AIDS 2.0 as it manifests as an immune suppressing neurological disease, what is the best way to recover if not antibiotics? I know this is no easy feat but what would be a better direction for treatment? Thanks.

    1. Well, that's why we must focus on prosecution of the crime for real disease research and treatment. Until then all we can do is make do with what we have. They did a study that 2 out of 3 patients responded to Rituximab, a B-cell depleter.

  3. Brian Fallon found there was a minority of about 1.2% of patients who had the arthritis (lots of antibodies) and the neuro/fatigue symptoms. This is obviously rare and considered an outlier. The majority of arthritis cases are just arthritis.

    I'm sorry for your suffering, but that one little detail is all that is missing. 1.2% are unlucky enough to get both, and it sounds like you fall into that category.


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