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Dearborn 1994 – Crimes Against Humanity and the Never-ending Medical Holocaust

The 1994 Dearborn stunt was the beginning of a never-ending nightmare to plague millions of lives globally. N ot only does it affect chronic  Lyme disease victims but also Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Gulf War Illness and Autism/Vaccine Injured victims.  Although the culprits differ, they all share  a common disease mechanism  known  to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as Post Sepsis Syndrome . M eaning, global immunosuppression with inflammation in the brain,  secondary and opportunistic  infections as the driving force behind these disabling and devastating diseases.  This umbrella of stealth immunosuppressive diseases were thrown under the bus and the real disease mechanism was l eft undetectable for an intended monopoly off of tick borne diseases; fake immunosuppressive  vaccines, fraudulent test kits and DNA products.  The common disease mechanisms also reveals the primary source of the Autism pandemic. C hildren are getting the actual viruses that are in

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