Chronic Lyme - Purposely and Fraudulently Made Not to Exist

Why is Chronic Lyme disease a hidden and silenced pandemic affecting men, women, children and congenital newborns around the globe? Why are Lyme victims shamed, blamed, libeled and slandered? Why are victims labeled with a mental disorder or hypochondria?

Why are victims unable get a proper diagnosis? Why is the current testing inaccurate? Why does the IDSA deny Chronic Lyme even exists? Why doesn't insurance cover treatment? Why do majority go on to remain disabled despite investing in thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars trying every treatment possible?

Why are so many dying from complications of Lyme? Why do so many take their own lives, go homeless, face starvation or are unable to get approved for social security disability? Why do friends and family abandon them because they think they are just crazy? 

They've had the honor of contracting a life-altering and disabling disease that was purposely, fraudulently and illegally manipulated to not exist in the modern world.