Dearborn ~ The Beginning of the Largest Medical Holocaust in History

The 1994 Dearborn stunt was the beginning of a never-ending nightmare to plague millions of lives globally. Not only does it affect chronic neurological Lyme victims but also Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness and Autism/Vaccine Injured victims. Although the culprits differ, they all share a common disease mechanism known to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as Post Sepsis Syndrome. Meaning, global immunosuppression with inflammation in the brain, secondary and opportunistic infections as the driving force behind these disabling and devastating diseases. 

This umbrella of stealth immunosuppressive diseases were thrown under the bus and left undetectable for an intended monopoly off of tick borne diseases; fake immunosuppressive vaccines, fraudulent test kits and DNA products. The common disease mechanisms also reveals the primary source of the Autism pandemic. Children are getting the actual viruses that are in the vaccines instead of the protection as a result of some immunosuppression event such as a simultaneous infection during vaccination or, vaccination with a fungal contaminated vaccine like LYMErix. 

Whistle-blower Kathleen Dickson, former Phizer analytical chemist and activists lobbied in Washington D.C. June 5th-9th 2017. Speaking with Senators and congressman calling for a Senate hearing for USDOJ investigation and prosecution of the CDC/ALDF/Yale criminal cabal for the Lyme Cryme, research fraud, falsification of the case definition/testing, racketeering, human rights abuses under color of law, and slander of their victims. The pandemic and crime responsible for millions of disabled victims left without hope, kicked aside like trash, preventable deaths and suicides, pharmaceutical damage, childhoods ripped apart, children born into a lifetime of suffering, victims forced into poverty, starvation homelessness and libeled, slandered, shamed and blamed by the system. 

To understand how it went down and why millions of lives have been destroyed under this umbrella of immunosuppressive diseases
 you have look at how and why CDC made them undetectable. Here's a simplest breakdown of the fraud surrounding lyme disease. In this graphic above, it shows the diagnostics of Lyme disease western blotting prior to 1994 "Dearborn". This was able to diagnose neurological immune suppressed Lyme cases. In 1994, CDC's Barbara Johnson led the Dearborn Michigan conference where Alan Steere deliberately changed the lyme disease case definition and testing. They added the 2 tiered Elisa and removed antigens 31,OspA and 34,OspB (outer surface proteins) from the Western blotting. The most prominent antigens and specific bands in chronic neurological Lyme disease. 

OspA was also the antigen used in the LYMErix vaccine. The entire purpose of Dearborn was an intended monopoly off of tick borne disease test kits, vaccines and because they knew the OspA vaccine was causing the same disease it was "intended" to prevent. Chronic neurological lyme disease and LYMErix vaccine injured victims = same disease mechanism and outcome. Prior to Dearborn, Alan Steere cited band 41 flagellin was the only necessary band to diagnose Lyme borreliosis just rule out Syphilis.

This is the current Lyme testing after Dearborn. High antibody concentration only, acrodermatitis or arthritic lyme, no multi-systematic symptoms, no chronic fatigue, neurological symptoms, etc., only arthritis. This is only 15% of the population who have a genetic predisposition to having an arthritic response to fungal antigens or OspA. By adding the Elisa and removing OspA, OspB and only high antibody concentration, this excluded 85% of lyme disease cases and OspA vaccine injured victims from the testing. This is "Dearborn", the biggest medical scandal in history. All to qualify a fake immune suppressing vaccine. By Dearborn standards and scientific fraud by Alan Steere and Yale, if you don't have the genetic hypersensitivity response or high antibody concentration, you cannot have lyme disease. 

This graphic is what was removed from the Dearborn standard testing, the low antibody concentration, preventing  85% of the population from being able to test positive, the immunosuppressed neurologic victims who produce a very low to no antibody responses. The sickest most disabled victims living with an AIDS-like illness cannot get a positive test or a proper diagnosis. Victims are misdiagnosed from months, years to decades and for some, they may never know. In analytical tests you look for the lowest concentration possible to develop a test but the CDC criminals did the opposite. The disease is the crime.

The same CDC officers who falsified Lyme disease own patents on vaccines and test kits. Barbara Johnson who led Dearborn, owns five patents with SmithKline, the manufacturer of LYMErix. One patent shows there are two distinct outcomes of OspA
1. The 15% with genetic HLA-linked hypersensitivity or arthritic lyme 
2. The 85% with neurological immunosuppressive Lyme or B-cell AIDS

When LYMErix vaccine trials were underway, the CDC criminals realized in phase one and phase two trials that OspA were giving test subjects chronic lyme disease via vaccine. OspA should have never been a vaccine, it's a highly toxic endotoxin, a TLR2/1 agonist that causes post-sepsis syndrome in its victims. You cannot inject fungal antigens into humans. Yale, who owns the LYMErix or OspA vaccine patent also owns the patent for the only valid test method for diagnosing Lyme disease, a flagellin method as previously indicated by Alan Steere as valid. It was made specific by Yale and is 94-95% accurate in all stages of Lyme, including the immunosuppressed neurologic victims. They did not use this test method to access the outcomes of the LYMErix trials. Instead, they used the new falsified Dearborn method, so the adverse effects of the vaccine injured were discarded. 

ALDF, American Lyme Disease Association, is a fake nonprofit racketeering entity for the CDC officers like Barbara Johnson, Alan Barbour, Alan Steere, who falsified lyme and testing. The ALDF sat on the CDC committee that approved Dearborn, while owning patents on vaccines and test kits and were members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) panel responsible for setting diagnostic and treatment guidelines that went global, all to sell a fake vaccine, test kits and hide their injured victims. The ALDF has been used to keep Dearborn standards going since 1994. 

Once you understand the basic mechanism on how and why the testing is fraudulent the rest starts making sense. This is where we still are decades later with a fake fraudulent test that cannot diagnose immunosuppressed neurological lyme victims, a case definition that says there's no such disease as chronic lyme and millions of people suffering and dying. When lyme is one of, if not the most disabling disease on the planet and also known as The "Great Imitator" of ALS, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, parkinsons, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, cancer, stroke, mitochondrial disease, etc. 1 million people will become disabled this year alone. There is no treatment nor proper research. If there were, we certainly wouldn't have a Lyme disease memorial page and a quilt with dead Lyme disease victims names on it. 

The more people we have fighting this injustice the closer we are to stopping this Medical Holocaust inflicting humanity. We need to unite all abused groups in medicine and OCCUPY the USDOJ to prosecute those responsible for the falsified Lyme disease case definition and fraudulent test. Prosecution of the Lyme crimes will be the domino effect of the true disease mechanisms behind - Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Gulf War Illness, Fibromyalgia and Autism, children are getting the vaccine viruses instead of the protection. It'll open the door to validation, vindication, proper research, treatment and justice. Lyme disease was spun in Dearborn to sell vaccines and test kits in the end labeling all immunosuppressive victims as psychiatric disorders (Deprivation of rights under the color of law charge). We must unite as one to prove the crime in order to prove the true disease mechanisms. 

This is AIDS 2.0. This is a Pandemic.  


  1. Is there a support group for Lyme Disease? I have had LD since 2005. After reading these stories it's good to know I'm not alone. Thanks

    1. Get on Facebook, if you're not already, and search for "Lyme" groups. There are many. Good luck!

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  4. Is there someone overseas who does the proper (non-Dearborn) test? If they're overseas they might be insulated from US patent protection concerns regarding that test.


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