Chronic Lyme Disease and the Prosecution of CDC's Crimes Against Humanity

We are personally living through the biggest medical scandal in history. Nobody but us can even begin to understand what it's all about, you can explain it until your blue in the face but they aren't going to get it, until they get it. We don't have to agree on everything. We don't even have to like each other. You don't have to believe the science or even understand it yet. What you do have to believe is silence = death. You do have to believe the CDC criminals purposely left us to suffer and die by changing the definition and diagnostics in 1994 to exclude us, the immunosuppressed neurologic lyme victims. All because we have the same disease as their LymeRIX vaccine failure victims, OpsA induced neurological B-cell AIDS. 

The goal is prosecution of the falsified fraudulent two-tier testing that was designed DELIBERATELY to exclude 85% of Lyme cases, all immunosuppressed neurological Lyme victims. And, the current case definition that says, Chronic Lyme disease does not exist, Lyme is arthritis only, no other symptoms. Aka, "Dearborn". On June 5-9 2017, activists and our Lyme Cryme Whistle-blower will be going to Washington D.C. and speaking with senators and congressmen demanding a criminal investigation, a congressional hearing and prosecution of the CDC, ALDF and Yale criminal gang for research fraud, falsification of the case definition, testing, racketeering, human rights abuse under color of law and slander to their victims.

Nothing else matters until the crimes are exposed and prosecuted. Not treatment, not insurance coverage, not validation or recognition. Your never going to get any of it for a disease that was deliberately made not to exist. We have to prove the CDC crimes in order to prove our disease, and prove the CDC knows this. It's all a bureaucratic semantics game in the corporate jungle of power and greed. 

Diagnostic criteria BEFORE Dearborn 

This is the big picture for every last suffering victim, getting chronic Lyme to exist under a definition by prosecution of CDC Dearborn crimes.

I repeat! The big picture is exposing the CDC crimes in order to prove our disease.

We are humiliated, shunned, slandered. We lose our jobs, cars, savings, homes. We face starvation and homelessness. It takes years fighting to get disability. Half will remain disabled for life. It's congenital, children born into a lifetime of suffering. It's a pandemic, Lyme is everywhere. People are left alone without family or friends who abandon them, of course no one understands, your not sick anyway per CDC. We are trying to make it in this world without any help and no understanding. We fade away and are forgotten. Many lose their ability to drive, walk, care for themselves or their children. Millions become immobile, bedridden or wheelchair bound. Just to be slapped with a psychiatric diagnosis. Far too many suicides and deaths in the community. We are suffering, it's gone on too damn long. If your not angry enough yet, IT'S TIME TO GET ANGRY AS HELL. 

It's not about proving you have spirochetes or getting long term antibiotics. We know, and the CDC knows it's not just a bacterial infection, it's what happens afterwards. The endgame of OspA a TLR-2/1 agonist, fungal antigen hijacking you immune system leading to permanent immunosuppression, reactivated and secondary viral, bacterial and fungal infections of all sorts, mutated b-cells, damaged mitochondria, brain inflammation and organ and tissue damage, the Great Imitator. Arguing about biofilms, worms, genetics, detoxing, treatment, etc. is distracting everyone from the goal, prosecution. There is no treatment for us, if there were, we certainly wouldn't be where we are today arguing over it and fighting for recognition of chronic Lyme disease and screaming for help 25 years later. Get angry at the criminals. 

Lyme Non-profits like, Lyme Disease Association, etc. are a waste of time, they are not on our side. Corporations disguised under advocacy groups to keep a lid on the crime and real disease outcome to keep it going over greed? The American Lyme Disease members are the CDC criminals who committed  the Dearborn scam. have CDC members on staff. Makes you wonder how many of these fake non-profits are in bed together? Lyme bills do absolutely nothing. ILADS, will not talk about any of this. They have been presented with all the proof but continue to ignore the falsified Lyme Disease case definition and the fraudulent Lyme tests that exclude THEIR own patients, you know, the ones who are disabled and poor but they charge enormous amounts. It would make people wonder what they are really doing by treating immunosuppression and reactivated viruses with long term antibiotics. 

We know how it works in the real world, you really think they are any different from the rest of the corrupted corporate pit? We can't keep waiting and hoping that someone, just someone might help us. We are our only hope, sick or not, we are all we have. We know the truth, we live it everyday, nobody else is going to stand up for us. 

June 5-9 2017, it's happening. Our Whistle-blower and Activists will be taking on Washington, D.C. They are fighting for ALL of us. Jeff Session's lawyer said the only way to get the Department of Justice to do their jobs is have a Senate hearing. So this is where they're at and can use all our help and support. 

Here's how anyone can help:
1) Start sharing and talking about the crime! Let's all get on the same page speaking the same language. You don't have to understand the science in order to expose the crime. It's not easy to grasp, here's a blog put together on the Lyme Cryme, in more simpler terms easier to understand for those who are new or others with the crazy unrelenting cognitive dysfunction.

2) Activists this is your time. Start educating people on the crime. This is what activism is all about. It's time to start speaking the truth and working on getting everyone united in the community on the same page. 

3) Time is running out, If you live in IA, CA, UT, VT, SC, IL, TX, RI, MN, NE, DE, CT, AZ, ID, HI, NC, or LA, would you please contact your states member (Senator) of the Judiciary Committee and ask for an appointment during the week of June 4th with a representative from 

You can say: I am a constituent of ______. I belong to a group of health advocates who have been told we needed a hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding a criminal health care matter we want referred to the DOJ. This information was given to us by an attorney of Jeff Sessions, head of the Department of Justice. We would like an appointment the week of June 5-9, 2017.

Email Jennifer Heath the time and day of the scheduled appointment.

Forget all of our differences. Whether we like each other or not, we need to unite and be speaking the same language. It's an activists group working on exposing the truth and crimes, it's not a support group for protocols, treatments or emotional support. We're all angry and emotionally drained, we should be using it towards the criminals responsible for all our pain, agony and suffering, ok? Great! Proving the crime is what will validate your suffering. 

Lyme Cryme whistle-blower and activists group on Facebook


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