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Medical Holocaust Files List; RICO, Lyme, ME/CFS, GWI, Fibro, Vaccines

1986 DuraySteere EBV Lymphoma.pdf  -- Steere in 1986 talking about how Lyme is like post-sepsis with the leukemia-like, EBV-transformed like immune cells.

1986 McSweegan Goldwater.pdf  -- Here Edward McSweegan writes a fake whistleblower letter intending to steal the US Navy's (his employer) and give it to all his cronies at the future  Does not know spirochetes undergo antigenic variation or that it's surface antigens, formerly called "mucopeptides" were fungal and therefore a vaccine cant be made out of them.  Same for most of the other TBDs- they are bearers of fungal antigens, which is why they were always known to make nice bioweapons.

1986 Steere band 41 treatment fails half.pdf  -- Here, in 1986, Steere not only says you only need band 41, but he says treatment fails in half the cases.  This was the source of the first, 1990, CDC surveillance criteria - just do repeat Western Blots to look for new IgM bands because that meant the bug was still alive after treatment:

1988 Dattwyler NK cells.pdf  -- Natural Killer Cell activity is muted, and Dattwyler also says Borrelial supernatant (where the fatty Osps are) does this too.  That means it was known in 1988 that Borrelia and its shed mucopeptides or lipoproteins cause immune system blunting.

1988 Dattwyler, Volkman, Seroneg Lyme Assay.pdf  -- Here, knowing Lyme - especially chronic neurologic Lyme is seronegative, they develop an assay that Steere later uses to asses "Chronic Neurologic Lyme" cases, proving he knows these are seronegative.

1989 IDSA Duray EBV transformed.pdf --  Again, published in IDSA's journal at the time, Infectious Disease Reviews, it is shown that Chronic Lyme or Post-Sepsis Lyme is like a pseudoleukemia due to the fungal antigens like LYMErix. 

1990 ALDF is founded, this is the main RICO entity, not IDSA

1990 CDC Case Definition.pdf  - "just do repeat Western Blots to look for new IgM bands."   This comes from Allen Steere, above ^^, in 1986, showing this is what the serology looks like  This is also what Dattwyler recommended at the 1994 FDA Meeting on LYMErix:

1990 Allen Steere Chronic Seronegative NeuroLyme.pdf  -- Here, in 1990, Steere uses the Dattwyler Seronegative Lyme Assay to assess Chronic (Seronegative) Post-Tick Bite Sepsis or Neurological Lyme.

1991 Allen Steere CFIDS Seronegative Lyme.pdf -- Here in 1991, in "Rheumatology News" (a journalzine), Steere says he is "convinced seronegative Lyme exists" and that this non-HLA linked outcome is "perilously close to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."
BIG CHANGE TAKES PLACE HERE IN 1992 -- probably because they discovered the OspA vaccines were a mistake and causing the same neuroLyme.  And that would be because OspA is a fungal endotoxin and the model repeats elsewhere - See the Occam's Razor on

1993 Steere Overdiagnosis.pdf -- Here, suddenly, that kind of Lyme he talked about before (chronic, neurologic, and seronegative) where once he warned were "perilously close to CFIDS and Fibro" now actually were CFIDs and Fibro and therefore a psychiatric illness (CFIDS and Fibro were thought to be mental illnesses - hypochondria - at that time).

1993 Steere/Dressler Falsifies Dearborn.pdf  -- Here is where Steere falsifies the testing in Europe with bogus high passage strains, leaving OspA and B out (they are encoded on the same plasmid), and adding the ELISA as a screening test, averaging the concentration signal between the very low Neuro-Lyme responders and the very high autoimmune knee and acrodermatitis responders, such that the new, Dearborn, 2-tiered cutoff for an ELISA, will exclude all neurologic cases and of course, most of the IgM responders, which to Steere meant persisting infection in 1986.

1993 Barbour/Fish Trash LYMErix victims.pdf -- Here we learn that the Phase I and Phase II trials of the OspA vaccines are underway, while Alan Barbour (owner of the ImmuLyme OspA patent) and Fish (founding member of the proceed to trash wimminz inferring that Chronic Lyme/Sepsis is a disease of hysteria or catastrophizing.... because they know by now OspA is making people sick, especially after 2 injections.

1994 FDA LYMErix Meeting Transcripts.pdf   -- Note that this took place in June 1994, which was before Dearborn, so the serodiagnosis business was still up in the air.  Dattwyler was insistant the knee-only case definition was not accurate

1994 Dearborn Conference.pdf  (Booklet) -- Here you will see who said what, that the "Steere in Europe" report is missing, and that there was no consensus or agreement.  Towards the end of the booklet see what all the contributing labs said about Steere's and the CDC's proposal for a new diagnostic standard.  Everyone said it sucked except MarDx who had been given arthritis positive blood to "qualify" their Western Blot test strips, but even they said OspA and B should not be left out of the case definition.

1994 Dearborn Invitation.pdf --  This shows the labs were invited to "participate in the proceedings!" but then the Lyme criminals blew off all the other labs recommendations, which, on average, said that the Steere proposal was only 15% accurate- Gary Wormser included.  This shows the FALSE intent was to have a consensus conference, but these criminal never intended to listen to any other participants proposals.

1995 CDC Case Definition.pdf  
or -- 1995 "DEARBORN" "Case Definition" published by the CDC in the MMWR - even though all the labs at Dearborn said no way.  OspA (band 31) and B (band 34) are left out, as are most IgM bands.
You will see by looking at the Oct 1994 Dearborn booklet what all the labs said about the proposal for the 2 tiered testing and Steere’s 5 out of 10 band WB criteria, and then as much as we have in detail about the June 1994 FDA meeting on LYMErix, that there was no consensus that Lyme was just a bad knee.  In fact it was a fight and an argument the whole way.  Eventually the CDC officers who own patents and who were associated with the fake non-profit the got their way and had their fake vaccines and later the bogus Klempner "study" which was based on the Dearborn case definition (the grant for this study was a "fraud on the govt"), but the bad guys knew all along the disease was post-sepsis and was caused by the fake OspA vaccines alone.  Certainly Steere knew late, chronic neurologic Lyme was like post-sepsis since he wrote about it in 1986 and 1990 as you have seen.

1998 OspA Trial Connaught.pdf, where they could not read their Western Blots, and the Dearborn method only detects 15% of the cases anyway:

1998 OspA Trial SmithKline.pdf, where they could not read their Western Blots and claimed to use the Dearborn method (detects 15% of the cases) and therefore lied to the FDA:

1998 FDA Meeting LYMErix.pdf -- You want to read this whole thing.  Sikand claims Lyme is hard to diagnose and treat.  Schoen says Lyme is underreported by 10-12 times, and Luft is going at these fekkers over their disease definitions the entire time as well as says the vaccine injuries look exactly like the "protean" or multi-system disease definition and not the "bad knee only" definition.
Can also download here:

1999 Wormser OspA Causes Immunosuppression.pdf:  He’s talking about how OspA causes immunosuppression in dogs too.  The dog vaccines only tolerize against arthritis, they do not prevent spirochetes,

2000 OspA Trial Western Blots Unreadable.pdf -- Persing and Sigal Western Blots from the 2 OspA trials were unreadable, which means neither vaccine group could prove their OspA vaccines prevented Lyme disease - yet both claimed they had "safe and effective vaccines."

2001 FDA LYMErix Transcripts.pdf -- Here, Ben Luft talks about the "twilight zone of disconnect" between what the patients say are vaccine injury, compared to what SKB says.  SKB also mentions a high rate of pregnancy failure (miscarriage) at this hearing. SKB also (Yves Lobet) makes fun of Allen Steere and calls him basically an idiot who makes no sense with his theories.
Can also download here: 

2001 Klempners Bogus Treatment Trial.pdf - Mark Klempner's bogus retreatment trial, based on Dearborn, he knows IV ceftriaxone fails because spirochetes are intracellular, used the FIQ (Fibromyalgia checklist) instead of valid biomarkers of disease, This became the essence of the IDSA "guidelines," whereas ILADS is not aware or does not care that OspA alone caused the same post-sepsis outcome that we call "Chronic Lyme" >>

2003 RICO case filed DOJ.pdf  --  Self explanatory.  Lawyers tend to be dunces when it comes to science.

2006 Blumenthal AntiTrust.pdf --  Also here,   Now Senator Richard Blumenthal sued the Cabal for AntiTrust while he was CT Attorney General.  Did not include the FRAUD part about Dearborn because he had no "experts" among the "LLMDs" or to help him with that.  He still doesn't since ILADS is brainless and do not care what is true.

2017 All 9 Criminal Charge Sheets.pdf  --  Here find the Occam's Razor and the Primers Shell game which show OspA never could have been a vaccine and many many scientists, including the NIH say LYMErix was the opposite of a vaccine, as a fungal endotoxin that causes immunosuppression and the reactivation of Epstein-Barr et al, just like any old regular endotoxin sepsis outcome, perhaps even worse since the Osps are more toxic as TLR2/1 agonists than regular LPS.
1. ALDF-CDC "ENTERPRISE" (read "RICO") Conspires to Defraud USA in Dearborn-Vaccine Scam; see how next, in the subsequent charge sheet on patents, the very people who falsified the testing are the ones who own the patents for the bogus vaccines and test kit products 
2. Lyme Disease "PATENTS" owned by the Dearborn scammers, CDC officers, Yale in association with Corixa, Mayo Clinic and Imugen. Leaving OspA and B out of the Dearborn standard was intended to facilitate a monopoly on post-LYMErix approval on blood testing for all vectior-borne disease: 
3. Lyme Disease "BIOMARKERS", as compared to scientifically invalid psychiatric check lists. These biomarkers were identified by the very people who later said Lyme was not even a disease, and who are the same people who own the vaccine patents and falsified the testing at Dearborn:
4. The Primers "(DNA, RNA) SHELL GAME"; the very people who own all the patents and falsified the testing for Lyme in order to falsify the outcomes of those bogus products, use the wrong DNA to not-find Lyme or other spirochetes in humans, while using the correct DNA to patent borrelia-specific DNA; no biofilms.
5. "OCCAM'S RAZOR"; If it quacks like a duck, it must be Epstein-Barr/post-sepsis syndrome (as the REAL "Great Imitator"); lists a bunch of people who say OspA never could have been a vaccine.
6. The "COMMON MECHANISMS" of Fungal-Viral Damage in CFIDS, Vaccines-Autism, and "Chronic Lyme"/ New Great Imitator, per the CDC, NIH and IDSA; This paper reveals the CDC's own data on what Lyme and CFIDS are, and how immunosuppression-via-fungal contamination also explains the failed childhood vaccines, giving children the very viruses the vaccines are intended to prevent (with resultant encephalitis): 
7. "SIMON WESSLEY" and the abuse of Gulf War veterans, Justina Pelletier and 21st century witch trials; with scientifically valid evidence for real illness, a vast majority of post-sepsis and vaccine injured are slandered and libeled with invalid psychiatric terminology:
8. The State of Connecticut and Yale "ASSAULTED CZECH CHILDREN" with a known fake vaccine (OspA or LYMErix) just to see how serious would be the adverse events: 
9."VACCINES"; OspA vaccines never prevented Lyme or spirochetes, never disinfected ticks.  All false claims and downright crazy. – page 205

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Tolerance and Cross Tolerance in Tick Bite Sepsis

Chronic Lyme, aka; Post-Sepsis Syndrome is not about autoimmunity or inflammation as many have been led to believe. It's polar opposite, immunosuppression producing no to little antibodies resulting in tolerance to cross-tolerance from fungal antigens via tick-bite or vaccine (LYMErix). You may hear it referred to as post-sepsis, endotoxin tolerance, immunosenescence, immunoparalysis, acquired or adaptive immune deficiency. Its all the same, just a different term. It's a non-HIV B-cell AIDS illness where all the opportunistics and secondary infections are what's wrecking havoc from Epstein-barr, Coxsackie, Herpesviruses, Cytomegalovirus, Candida, Streptococcus (PANDAS), Zoster, Mycoplasma, etc. It inhibits apoptosis, destroying b-cell germinal centers, humoral (in the body or blood stream) immunosuppression but chronic inflammation in the brain. 

This is why antibiotics cannot cure Lyme and why some people do feel better while on antibiotics, they are treating the secondary infections. It's also why majority then relapse as they come off antibiotics or shortly after. It's the nature of Post-Sepsis Syndrome. A trashed and mutated immune system. The definition of post-sepsis syndrome is endotoxin tolerance and cross tolerance with reactivated infections of all kinds. Tolerance means the inability to detect or fight this pathogen/toll-like receptor. Cross tolerance is the inability to detect or fight other toll-like receptors or pathogens. The immune system is permanently tolerized. People with the MS and Lupus outcomes of Lyme have an autoimmune or HLA-linked response to the secondary opportunistics of sepsis such as EBV, HHV-6, CMV. 

Marques, of the "Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis" division saying it looks like chronic active EBV. “When Lyme Disease Lasts and Lasts” – Jane Brody NYTimes
“There are other infectious organisms — Epstein-Barr virus, for example — that can produce similar symptoms and may be the real culprits.”

Borrelia spirochetes shed OspA 
⬇OspA is Pam3cys, a TLR2 agonist ⬇

Clifford Harding – OspA causes tolerance, turns off the immune response and detection to TLR7/9 agonists like Herpesviruses, Epstein-Barr and all other viral infections. 
Because IRAK1 is required for TLR7/9-induced IFN-I production, we propose that TLR2 signaling induces rapid depletion of IRAK1, which impairs IFN-I induction by TLR7/9. This novel mechanism,whereby TLR2 inhibits IFN-I induction by TLR7/9, may shape immune responses to microbes that express ligands for both TLR2 and TLR7/TLR9, or responses to bacteria/virus coinfection.”

Andrei Medvedev – OspA causes tolerance to TLR4 agonists, lipopolysaccharides, known as the more typical bacteria.
"Development of endotoxin tolerance following the initial “cytokine storm” phase of sepsis is thought to protect the host from an overexuberant immune response and tissue damage but at the same time, may render the host immunocompromised and more susceptible to secondary infection [18,–20].....Notably, IRAK4 kinase activity was found to be a prerequisite for conferring inhibition of LPS-inducible JNK and p38 MAPK activation following prior exposure to Pam3CysThese results represent the first systematic analyses of the role of IRAK4 kinase activity in TLR homo- and heterotolerance and pave the way for improved understanding of how IRAK4 kinase dysregulation may underlie immunocompromised states in late sepsis.”

OspA induces tolerance to TLR5 agonists or flagellins 

“Toll-like receptors (TLRs) trigger innate immune responses via the recognition of conserved pathogen-associated molecular patterns. Lipoproteins from Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, activate inflammatory cells through TLR2 and TLR1. We show that stimulation of human monocytes with B. burgdorferi lysate, lipidated outer surface protein A, and triacylated lipopeptide Pam3CysSerLys4 results in the up-regulation of both TLR2 and TLR1 but the down-regulation of TLR5, the receptor for bacterial flagellin, and that this effect is mediated via TLR2. TLR4 stimulation had no effect on TLR2, TLR1, and TLR5 expression. Human monocytes stimulated with TLR5 ligands (including p37 or flaA, the minor protein from B. burgdorferi flagella) up-regulated TLR5. In addition, TLR2 stimulation rendered cells hyporesponsive to a TLR5 agonist. These results indicate that diverse stimuli can cause differential TLR expression, and we hypothesize that these changes may be useful for either the pathogen and/or the host.

TLR2/1 agonists are fungal and so toxic the body shuts down the immune system to avoid a septic cytokine storm, otherwise, you would die. In turn, it shuts off immunity to all other pathogens including viral, fungal, parasitic and bacterial. Remember, another term for immunosuppression is endotoxin tolerance. 
“Endotoxin tolerance protects the host by limiting excessive ‘cytokine storm’ during sepsis, but compromises the ability to counteract infections in septic shock survivors. It reprograms Toll-like receptor (TLR) 4 responses by attenuating the expression of proinflammatory cytokines without suppressing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mediators, but the mechanisms of reprogramming remain unclear. “

Borrelia is the perfect stealth pathogen. The CDC/ALDF made it undetectable in 1994 to 85% of the population who have a septic shock result to TLR2 agonists by changing the testing to a high antibody concentration. Remember, it's opposite of autoimmunity or inflammation. It's global immunosuppression that produces no to little antibodies, Autoimmunity would produce high antibodies. 

Gary Wormser reports that what the CDC calls "post-Lyme syndrome" is really post-sepsis with no inflammation and no autoimmunity 

The CDC/ALDF/YALE criminal cabal committed research fraud to make the sickest patients on the planet undectable to pass off a fake LYMErix vaccine, that was giving victims the same stealth no antibody Post-Sepsis illness it was "intended" to prevent, all to create a monopoly off vaccines and future tick borne disease test kits. Then the same crooks turn around and trash their victims. Millions infected but not detected. Sounds like the perfect bioweapon, ya think?! Not to mention the undetected immunosuppressed children receiving vaccines resulting in them getting brain damaging viruses, or, a fungal contaminated vaccine leading to the same outcome. 

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Uniting All Abused Groups of Medicine Under One Force

Imagine.... if all the victims of abused groups in medicine united under one force to take on the most horrifying human rights abuses of the most rapidly growing and disabling Medical Holocaust in the history of medicine. In the United States alone, that's at least 30 million disabled victims suffering, shamed and blamed that all share a common disease mechanism known to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as Post Sepsis Syndrome, AIDS 2.0. 

An entire class of fungal immunosuppressive diseases with reactivation of latent viruses and opportunistic infections of all sorts leading to the "Great Imitator". The truth has been hidden in plain sight for far too long by the government and medical establishment who committed research fraud to make these victims undectable, then they turn around, trash their victims and leave them to suffer and die with a psychiatric label. Through the NIH and the CDC/YALE/ALDF criminal cabals' own peer-reviewed, published research papers and patent documents, proves the link and the true disease mechanisms of Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Gulf War Illness (GWI) and Autism. 

Most importantly, the government refuses to adknowledge the real disease mechanisms because it unravels the primary source of the Autism pandemic and rampant fraud, racketeering, human rights abuses under color of law, and slander of their victims. These government criminals will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of millions of victims for profit, greed and power. 

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue,” Dr. Horton

Lyme, Fibro, ME/CFS, GWI and Autism victims are cesspools of disease where global immunosuppression results in reactivation of latent viruses and a wide open door to secondary opportunistic bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections of all sorts, the true definition of Post-Sepsis Syndrome, an AIDS-like illness. Chronic Lyme disease is a crime, not a "controversy", this is where all immunosuppressive diseases tie in together under one umbrella. 

1994, in Dearborn Michigan, the CDC/YALE/ALDF cabal committed research fraud by making immunosuppressive diseases undetectable by fraudulently changing all diagnostic standards and testing because their fungal LYMErix/OspA vaccine caused the very same disease it was intended to prevent, Post-Sepsis Syndrome. It was the opposite of what vaccines are intended to do, which is produce antibodies, making it the ultimate stealth weapon.

Millions of victims are suffering globally all so the cabal could create a monopoly and capitalize off of tick borne disease test kits and fungal vaccines that cause permanent immunosuppression. Prior to 1994, Allen Steere said all we need is band 41 for a diagnosis. After 1994, Steere says patients are contrating Hypochondria from ticks. 

Lyme is not about persistent infection nor spirochetes, the LYMErix vaccine caused the very same disease, no spirochetes needed. The main driver in both Chronic Lyme and LYMErix are fungal antigens that causes pathological changes within 48 hours upon exposure. Spirochetes are their own ancient phylum and not regular bacteria, they shed fungal antigens (OspA), by a mechanism Alan Babour calls blebbing. The antigen used in the vaccine is OspA or Pam3cys, a highly toxic immune suppressing fungal antigen. 

Fungal antigens inhibit apoptosis - the first step in the sepsis outcome. B-cell germinal centers are wrecked, tolerance and cross tolerance to no longer detect or fight other pathogens and global immunosuppression in the blood but inflammation in the brain

According the NIH, In the USA alone, there are over 8 million people who have Fibromyalgia, 4 million who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and 1 in 36 children who have autism, not counting the millions with Lyme. The NIH and Lyme Cabal both published studies on how each of these diseases are in fact a result of post-sepsis syndrome.  Therefore, the NIH’s funding for each of these separately labeled diseases is based off of fraud. Over the years, both the NIH and Lyme Cabal have published studies that state that Lyme has the same disease outcome as Fibro and CFS.  

For decades, both the NIH and the Lyme Cabal portray to the general public that illnesses like Fibro, CFS, and Chronic Lyme are all the result some mysterious illness or somatoform
. Both the NIH and Lyme cabal published studies proving that the Ospa vaccine caused the same Post Sepsis outcome seen in patients who have Chronic Lyme Disease. The NIH now claims that diseases like Chronic Lyme are more about the reactivation of latent viruses and secondary opportunistic infections rather than persistent infection caused by spirochetes. 

In the end, both the NIH and Lyme Cabal all knew illnesses like Fibro, CFS, and Chronic Lyme were not mysterious illnesses rather each of these diseases is the result of immunosuppression and led to the reactivation of Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus, HHV-6, Coxsackie, etc.

Some people have the genetic HLA-linked hypersensitivity to fungal antigens resulting in an autoimmune outcome. Yale had a "Lyme and Lupus Clinic", they had found Lyme caused Lupus from reactivated Epstein-Barr by fungal antigens like LYMErix. The NIH had a "Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis group" at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), they found that many Lyme and LYMErix victims also ended up with MS as a result of reactivated EBV/Herpesviruses. 
"Complicating the picture is the fact that some people with PTLDS symptoms apparently never had Lyme disease in the first place, Dr. Marques said in an interview. There are other infectious organisms — Epstein-Barr virus, for example — that can produce similar symptoms and may be the real culprits."

GWI, ME/CFS, Fibro and Lyme victims are trashed because the disease mechanism reveals the Autism Pandemic. The CDC now says 1 in 36 children have Autism or acquired brain damage. The Autism pandemic is caused by children getting the actual viruses that are in the vaccines instead of the protection as a result of some immunosuppression event, such as a simultaneous infection during vaccination or, vaccination with a fungal contaminated vaccine, like LYMErix. CDC says "dont vaccinate immunosuppressed kids", none of which is ever screened in the first place. Thimerosal was put in vaccines to prevent the fungal contaminated vaccines because fungal antigens activate viruses via immunosuppression. Once Thimerosal was removed from the MMR vaccines, the Autism cases sky-rocketed.

Gary Wormser on how the severity of disease and immunosuppression depends on the quantity of fungal antigens you receive. 

"The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression. Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations."

The government will not tie in these illnesses and is fearful of funding research that reveals the common mechanisms and outcomes across immunosuppression diseases, they would reveal their own crimes against humanity. They know what it is. It’s something common, and not extraordinary. It’s something that happens in other parallel cases of immunosuppression such as with: 

Humira and Stelara where patients are warned that due to immune suppressing medication, "Stay away from fungal infections, there is a risk of LYMPHOMA (from reactivated Epstein-Barr) due to the immunosuppression from fungal infections." 
Transplant victims getting reactivated Epstein-Barr from immune suppressing drugs, resulting in Leukemia.  
Failed Fungal vaccines such as Tuberculosis, Brucella, Lyme and Mycoplasma result in immunosuppression with reactivated viruses. 
Failed Childhood vaccines from viruses reactivating via immunosuppression resulting in aquired brain damage what we call Autism. 
Malaria or Babesia (TLR2-agonism) reactivated latent Epstein-Barr via immunosuppression resulting in Burkitt’s Lymphoma, it's how they identified Burkitt's Lymphoma in the first place. 
Gulf War Illness due to immunosuppression plus vaccines. The Pentagon found a link between GWI and vaccinations, but then deployed Simon Wessely to not examine the role immune-suppressors such as DEET and nerve agent antidote, which in combination with the hypervaccination could be troublesome. 
Failed Animal Vaccines: CDC admitting immunosuppressed mammals given vaccines result in the viruses being fully reactivated and contagious resulting in humans contacting that same animal disease from the vaccinated animal. 
Flumonia pandemic, It’s not the flu that’s deadly, but the fungal secondary opportunistics like pneumonia.

It is a well-known thing, and that is why it is ignored. But when this occurs from fungal antigens across this group of immunosuppressive diseases, these same government employees trash and harass their victims - which is a Deprivation of Rights via Color of Law charge— because then we are barred from access to real healthcare, being labeled “psychiatric.” in 2001-2002 the FDA finally ordered LYMErix off the market via ultimatum because it was causing the same disease that was marketed to prevent, why hasn't been any coherent activism to bring all this forward? 

Lyme, GWI, ME/CFS, Fibro and Autism victims face an entire lifetime of punishment and torture, as if they are locked away in a prison for a crime they didn't commit. These people are trapped in a bottomless pit of neglect, slander, abuse, ridicule, shame, blame, disbelief, shunning, isolation, poverty, hopelessness, denial of illness and psychiatric diagnoses. Homelessness and starvation among these victims is an ignored devastating reality, many of which resulting in suicide, a silenced epidemic within this class of abused groups in medicine. Victims can't get disability or spend 3-7 years fighting for it while battling a barbaric disease. Struggling for survival on what little disability income provides, that is,  if they are actually lucky enough to get it. They need homecare assistance and can't get it. They can no longer take care of themselves nor their families. Many are completely alone and abandoned by family, left disabled, helpless and defenseless to fend for themselves. 

Medical kidnapping and munchausens are an excruciating reality these children's parents face along with accusations of child abuse and neglect. Children face an entire lifetime of battling the system, poly-drugged on pharmaceuticals or institutionalized in mental hospitals and preventable surgeries. To millions of victims, the damage is already done, all they want is justice, validation and to stop being tortured by the system. Half of these victims will go on to develop cancer, ALS, stroke, organ failure, etc. 

What is the treatment for post sepsis syndrome and activation of secondary opportunistic infections? 
Anthony Fauci, head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, owns a patent for the treatment of all immunosuppressive diseases caused by fungal antigens/infections. In the patent he talks about the opportunistic outcomes from exposure to fungal diseases, like AIDS. 

"Illustrative of specific disease states in treatment of which the present invention can be applied are HIV infection and other diseases characterized by a decrease of T-cell immunity, for example, mycobacterial infections like tuberculosis and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease. This method also can be used in the treatment of secondary infections that occur in patients with suppressed immune systems, such as opportunistic infections that occur in AIDS patients.",696,079.PN.&OS=PN/5,696,079&RS=PN/5,696,079 

The primary focus amongst activists and victims from all abused groups in medicine should be the raw TRUTH. The truth is the only thing that can save anyone. The Lyme Cryme affects everyone and anyone who suffers from Post-Sepsis Syndrome including Fibro, CFS, GWI, Chronic Lyme and Autism. The United States Department of Justice failed to take action on a whistleblower complaint that was filed in July 2003 for research fraud, falsification of the case definition/testing, racketeering, human rights abuses under color of law, and slander of their victims by the CDC/ALDF/Yale Lyme cabal. We need to unite under one force, an army of strong warrior activists to Occupy the USDOJ to tear down these walls, demand justice and bring down the criminals responsible for this horrifying Medical Holocaust. 

Majority of victims housebound and poor, but with social media, we have the opportunity to connect and unite under a strong force and create a movement globally to make us heard across the world. In order to, we must all get on the same page and understand the basic disease mechanisms and crimes surrounding the largest Medical Holocaust in the history of medicine. We need to be heard. No more silence, we need to raise our voices and not stop until the entire world hears our truth. 

Nobody is going to step up for the victims but the victims themselves. Majority of non-profits or organizations from any disease group are not actually on the victims side. They all swooped in disguised as humanitarians to profit off the destitute, none actually do anything for its victims but continue feeding false hopes. Victims are still starving, homeless, living in sheer poverty, medically kidnapped, committing suicide and dying preventable deaths, meanwhile nobody is standing up fighting for the destitute and decades later, the truth is being silenced. 

TruthCures provides all the scientific evidence in their ➡ 250 page criminal charge sheets ⬅ that lifts the veil of lies and unites millions globally from abused groups in medicine by showing the true disease mechanisms and crimes that can put the criminals behind bars. This validates everyone's suffering. With special thanks, to our Whistle-blower, Kathleen Dickson, a former analytical chemist at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, who puts her own life in jeopardy everyday simply by telling the truth to save us all. It's time to bring justice to the victims. Rise up warriors. Rise up activists and fight. 

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OspA Alone is Responsible for "Chronic Lyme", No Spirochetes Needed

OspA alone is responsible for post-sepsis aka; chronic Lyme disease via tick bite or vaccination. Therefore, spirochetes are not the problem and LYMErix could of never been a vaccine. It's what happens afterwards, permanent immunosuppression from immune hijacking fungal lipoproteins (OspA) and tolerance to no longer recognize other pathogens, creating a Hellstorm of re-activated and secondary viral, fungal and bacterial infections; Epstein-barr, HHV-6, Cytomegalovirus, zoster, candida, mycoplasma, etc.,  Ultimately, the perfect stealth pathogen, producing no to little antibodies, the end game resulting in "The Great Imitator". Your very sick, on a cellular level affecting every organ system. You do not spirochetes to suffer from what we call chronic Lyme disease. Spirochetes are their own phylum, they don't have LPS, lipopolysaccrides. They shed fungal antigens instead. 

Norman Latov on how the OspA vaccination caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:
Neuropathy and cognitive impairment following vaccination with the OspA protein of Borrelia burgdorferi.                                                                  Latov N1Wu ATChin RLSander HWAlaedini ABrannagan TH 3rd.
Neurological syndromes that follow vaccination or infection are often attributed to autoimmune mechanisms. We report six patients who developed neuropathy or cognitive impairment, within several days to 2 months, following vaccination with the OspA antigen of Borrelia burgdorferi. Two of the patients developed cognitive impairment, one chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), one multifocal motor neuropathy, one both cognitive impairment and CIDP, and one cognitive impairment and sensory axonal neuropathy. The patients with cognitive impairment had T2 hyperintense white matter lesions on magnetic resonance imaging. The similarity between the neurological sequelae observed in the OspA-vaccinated patients and those with chronic Lyme disease suggests a possible role for immune mechanisms in some of the manifestations of chronic Lyme disease that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Gary Wormser on OspA causing immunosuppression (which means it was the opposite of a “vaccine”):
Modulation of lymphocyte proliferative responses by a canine Lyme disease vaccine of recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA).                              Chiao JW1Villalon PSchwartz IWormser GP.
The modulation of human lymphocyte proliferative responses was demonstrated with a recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) vaccine preparation for the prevention of Borrelia burgdorferi infection. After exposure to either the unaltered vaccine preparation or OspA prepared in saline, normal lymphocyte responses to the mitogens concanavalin A, phytohemagglutinin-M or pokeweed mitogen, or the antigen BCG were consistently reduced. Whole cell extracts of B. burgdorferi also modulated immune responses but required a much greater quantity of protein than needed for the OspA preparation. The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression. Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations.          

Donald H. Marks – an OspA vaccine trial administrator – on how LYMErix caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:
Neurological complications of vaccination with outer surface protein A (OspA).                             Marks DH1. 
A wide range of neurological complications have been reported via the medical literature and the VAERS system after vaccination with recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia. To explore this issue, 24 patients reporting neurological adverse events (AE) after vaccination with Lymerix, out of a group of 94 patients reporting adverse events after Lymerix vaccination, were examined for causation. Five reports of cerebral ischemia, two transient Ischemic attacks, five demyelinating events, two optic neuritis, two reports of transverse myelitis, and one non-specific demyelinating condition are evaluated in this paper. Caution is raised on not actively looking for neurologic AE, and for not considering causation when the incidence rate is too low to raise a calculable difference to natural occurence.

Ben Luft at the 1998 FDA Vaccine Meeting on LYMErix:
“The point that I wanted to make in regard to the study is that there is very heavy dependence on serologic confirmation. And when we start thinking about the adverse events, *** it was stated originally when we got the overview of the disease that the disease is really quite protean. And actually the adverse events are very similar to what the disease manifestations are.**** And if you start to, as I think Dr. Hall was eluding to — if you start to kind of say well how often do you actually become seropositive, you can start to have a different take on when someone has an adverse event or whether it is disease specific or infection specific versus vaccine specific. And I think that that is an important issue that we have to deal with. …”

Dave Persing who together with Yale’s Robert Schoen developed this test in 1994 or 1995 says this about the similarities between Lyme and LYMErix disease:
Method for detecting B. burgdorferi infection 
“Additional uncertainty may arise if the vaccines are not completely protective; vaccinated patients with multisystem complaints characteristic of later presentations of Lyme disease may be difficult to distinguish from patients with vaccine failure….”   

Who else says OspA alone is responsible for the immunosuppression with brain inflammation that is characteristic of “Chronic Lyme?”

THE NIH (Martin and Marques):
Borrelia burgdorferi Induces TLR1 and TLR2 in human microglia and peripheral blood monocytes but differentially regulates HLA-class II expression (2006).                     Cassiani-Ingoni R1Cabral ESL√ľnemann JDGarza ZMagnus TGelderblom HMunson PJMarques AMartin R
"The spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi is the agent of Lyme disease, which causes central nervous system manifestations in up to 20% of patients. We investigated the response of human brain microglial cells, glial progenitors, neurons, astrocytes, as well as peripheral blood monocytes to stimulation with B. burgdorferi. We used oligoarrays to detect changes in the expression of genes important for shaping adaptive and innate immune responses. We found that stimulation with B. burgdorferi lysate increased the expression of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) 1 and 2 in all cell types except neurons. However, despite similarities in global gene profiles of monocytes and microglia, only microglial cells responded to the stimulation with a robust increase in HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, and also coexpressed CD11-c, a dendritic cell marker. In contrast, a large number of HLA-related molecules were repressed at both the RNA and the protein levels in stimulated monocytes, whereas secretion of IL-10 and TNF-alpha was strongly induced. These results show that signaling through TLR1/2 in response to B. burgdorferi can elicit opposite immunoregulatory effects in blood and in brain immune cells, which could play a role in the different susceptibility of these compartments to infection.

The NIH patent explaining how Lyme causes LYMErix-disease (“stealth bomber”):
Method for detection of Borrelia burgdorferi antigens 
“The invention relates to novel antigens associated with Borrelia burgdorferi which are exported (or shed) in vivo and whose detection is a means of diagnosing Lyme disease. The antigens are extracellular membrane vesicles and other bioproducts including the major extracellular protein antigen. Another object of the invention is to provide antibodies, monoclonal and/or polyclonal, labeled and/or unlabeled, that are raised against the antigens. A further object of the invention is to provide a method of diagnosing Lyme disease by detecting the antigens in a biological sample taken from a host using the antibodies in conventional immunoassay formats. Another object of the invention is to provide kits, for the diagnosis of Lyme disease, comprising the antibodies and ancillary reagents. The advantage of the antibodies used in the invention is that they react with the antigens from geographically diverse strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, but do not react with antigens from related Borrelia spirochetes.”,217,872.PN.&OS=PN/5,217,872&RS=PN/5,217,872

The shed blebs (or exosomes or vesicles) have LYMErix on them (delayed fuse or “time bomb”):
Characterization of multiprotein complexes of the Borrelia burgdorferi outer membrane vesicles.                                  Yang X1Promnares KQin JHe MShroder DYKariu TWang YPal U.
“Although we uncovered the existence of at least 10 distinct OM complexes harboring several unique subunits, the complexome is dominated by the frequent occurrence of a limited diversity of membrane proteins, most notably P13, outer surface protein (Osp) A, -B, -C, and -D and Lp6.6.”

If OspA alone causes the same multi-system neurological immunosuppressive disease as chronic Lyme disease then what is the disease? Post-sepsis or an aquired immune deficiency from fungal antigens via tick bite or OspA vaccination, no spirochetes needed. Til this date, not a single victim can get a diagnosis or validation leaving millions with a lifetime of starvation, homelessness and living in sheer poverty. Meanwhile, we continue funding bogus research and non-profits who fill the illusion of being on the victims side. The CDC/ALDF/Yale Lyme criminal cabal falsified the Lyme testing and case definition in 1994 to make all chronic neurological  victims undectable to pass off a bogus immunosuppressive vaccine and create a monopoly on all future TBD's testing in USA and Canada once an OspA vaccine was on the market. The LYMErix vaccine was pulled off the market because it was giving people the same disease it was meant to "prevent"

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